REFURBishment specification

New features include: 

  • Striking entrance canopy

  • 3 fully refurbished passenger lifts

  • On-site refreshments facility

  • On-site bicycle facilities

  • On-site car parking

  • On-site meeting rooms

  • Self contained floor plates

  • VAV air conditioning system

  • 150mm raised floors

  • Metal tiled suspended ceiling

  • Male and female WCs on each floor

  • Extensively remodelled reception


SCHEdule of areas



At The Switch we embrace technology and have had a bespoke LED wall installed to reflect the growing number of start up technology companies formed in the UK but in particular Slough which boasts the most tech start ups in the UK.

LiveWire explores Slough’s ever evolving landscape, whilst celebrating London’s exciting relationship with data driven technology.

Through a network of illuminated geometric lines in motion, LiveWire forms a series of patterns, constantly morphing and evolving. These geometric patterns, based on a bespoke path finding algorithm, generate an incredible amount of possible outcomes. The piece is designed to incorporate and encourage human interaction, using the #theswitchslough viewers are invited to change the behaviour and colour of the wall. LiveWire also responds to both time and temperature; coming alive every quarter hour to show off one of its many moving patterns, as well as incorporating colours in response to the outside temperature. In a city famed for its pace and diversity, LiveWire exists to illustrate and celebrate this endless re-invention.